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Plastrex Europe

is a company established in 2009 on the basis of Estonian capital; and its main sphere of operation lies in recycling plastic packaging and producing plastic construction materials.

Our mission

Less plastic waste

decreasing the pile-up of plastic waste on land fills as plastic takes hundreds of years to degrade in the environment.

Recycled plastic produts

introducing durable recycled plastic products and the scope of opportunities for their use.

Sorted package waste

encouraging the public to sort their packaging waste more willingly than before as there is no need for dumping it on land fills any more.

At the moment we are the only Estonian enterprise that can recycle mixed plastic packaging waste. Our annual production volume amounts to 2,400 tons, and our ambition is to increase the annual production volume up to 10,000 tons. The company is based in central Estonia, with its production facilities situated in Väätsa (plastic waste recycling plant) and Mäo (production of construction materials).